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Ultra Clear Vinyl PET
Supplied On
Finish Options
Removeable, Superior Clean Long Term Removability
High Definition UV Full CMYK Including White Ink
Working Temperature
Application +5c Working -40c to +65c
More Info
100% Waterproof, Suitable For Recycling, Easy To Remove And Reapply, Sizes Up To 1m

How the process works

Express Orders
Standard Orders
Day 1 - Before 1pm
Day 1
Step 1:Select your product specification and quantity to get your price
Step 2:Follow the instructions for your artwork or use our design service
Step 3:Add to your basket & checkout using card or PayPal
Day 1 - Before 4pm
Day 2
Step 4:You will receive a digital proof to check before we print
Day 2
Day 3 to 5
Step 5:We then print & dispatch your order

Clings to windows using staticChoose front adhesive option for application inside window

Large window stickers are printed on high quality clear window vinyl with a unique removable adhesive making them easy to apply and reposition.

You have the choice of front adhesive so you can place on the inside of the window with your design facing out or back adhesive, the same as a standard sticker.

Printed using State-of-the-art high-definition UV ink for excellent quality and suitable for in or outdoors.

We print everything in-house, so we have complete control of quality and delivery ensuring you get the perfect result and an amazing customer experience.

Preparing for launch...

Grab the attention of potential customers with powerful window stickers.

The high street is competitive, and it can be hard for small businesses to get noticed. Custom window stickers are a great way to improve your foot fall and attract more business. Use our design service and our team will create the perfect window stickers for your business.

We print all our large window stickers in-house on our wide format UV ink printer. This guarantees perfect material and print quality every time. The inks are cured using UV light which adds to their overall durability. Our window stickers wont fade in the sun, crack or scratch. The uses are endless! See below for our top uses for window stickers.

Window Sticker Uses

Special offers

As our window stickers are easy to remove, they are perfect for displaying limited time offers and promotions. Simply put up the sticker during your promotion and then peel it off when its no longer needed. Our premium window adhesive means none of that nasty residue it left behind on your clean windows!

Opening times

It’s very important that your customers know when you open and close. This can help with future visitors as even when you are closed potential customers can see when to visit again. White text printed on clear stickers works very well for opening time displays.


We see an empty window as an empty billboard. Use your shop front as another way of raising brand awareness to the masses! We can print any colours including white ink so your logo will always stand out.

Contact Details

Every independent shop should have clear contact details stuck to the windows. This will encourage passers by to get in touch to find out more about your product/service. Having a website is also just as important, especially if you have an online store where products can be purchased, or bookings can be made.


Window stickers don’t always have to include text. They can be used to add more depth to your shop front displays and re-in force your service or products. Use our design service option and the gizmo design team will create the perfect decorations for your shop windows.

QR codes

Quick read codes can be used in many ways on window stickers. You could have codes leading to your website, social media channels or even to help with limited time promotions. The main benefits of having a QR code on your shop front is that they take up less space and can direct potential customers to specific pages.

Social Media

Social media is so important for small businesses. It gives you another way of pushing your company out to the masses and keeping them up to date on what’s new. Having the top platform icons on your shops window will encourage people to look for you online and hopefully get interact with you.

Window Sticker Application Instructions

Step 1 – Surface Preparation

The first step is to ensure the surface the stickers are going to be applied to is suitable. Our window stickers are designed to be used on glass and other materials such as perspex and other smooth plastics. The area needs to be as clean as possible and not include any dirt, dust, smudges or other debris. The best method of preparing glass for a window sticker is to first clean the area with glass cleaner then wipe away the water with a clean micro-fibre cloth (preferably one that has been machine washed to avoid excess lint) or a squeegee. A clean dry lint free cloth should then be used to mop up any remaining residue or marks. Its imperative that the surface is fully dry and clean before the sticker is applied. Window Stickers won’t adhere properly or look as good if the surface is dirty.

Step 2 - Peeling

Before you peel the sticker ensure your hands are clean and dry. Dirt and grease can get stuck to the window sticker. When ready slowly and gently peel the window sticker from the backing sheet while trying not to touch the sticky side multiple times. If the sticker is large, it may be easier to have two people during this step. One peeling it away and the other ensuring the window sticker doesn’t fold over and get stuck to itself.

Step 3 – Applying

Once the sticker has been peeled off the backing paper you are ready to stick it to the window. Gently stick down one edge of the sticker. For simple shapes like circles and squares we recommend working from one side to the other – left to right. For more intricate custom shapes it may be more effective to first apply a corner. Use a rubber squeegee to push out any bubbles and gently apply the sticker always in the same direction. Never use a sharp object like a credit card to apply a window sticker as this could potentially scratch it. A card wrapped in a cloth is another option. If the window sticker is large then its recommended to have 2 people apply it. One person should be pushing out the air bubbles while the other should be holding the rest of the sticker away from the surface. The trick to this step is patience!

Step 4 – Checking

After the entire window sticker is applied to the glass its now time to look for any air bubbles that where missed. Any large air pockets near the edge of the window sticker can simply be pushed out with a squeegee. If you come across any air pockets that won’t move then its best to lift the sticker from the edge and re-apply that section. If you aren’t happy with the overall finish, we recommend peeling off the entire window sticker and starting again. Its better to do this then potentially damaging the sticker while trying to remove bubbles. The main benefit of our window stickers is that they have a low-tac adhesive which makes them easy to peel and re-position.

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Low-Cost Price Guarantee

We want to offer you the best price possible and regularly check our competitor prices to make sure we are doing this.

Sometimes it is hard to do a direct comparison as there are so many different variables when it comes to printing.

Our guarantee to you is:

Existing standard production orders

If you find within 14 days of you placing your order what seems to be a comparable price from a competitor website, which provides instant online prices, which is more than 10% less than the price you paid with we will refund the difference.

New standard production orders

We will price match less 10%.

Minimum Order

Unlike most of our competitors we do not have a minimum order value.

However, depending on what you are ordering you will need to order a minimum quantity of labels or stickers per design and this amount will be shown when you get your price.

Volume Discounts

Our prices are extremely competitive regardless of the size of your order as we understand you don’t always need to order large quantities which helps reduce waste.

However, we offer extremely attractive volume discounts which will be shown when you get your price.

So, if you can, it is always better to order more less often to save money!

You can spread any order with the same specification over multiple designs allowing you to benefit from our generous volume discounts and making it quick and easy to place your order.

Delivery & Production

Delivery - The time it takes for you to receive your order after we have dispatched.

United Kingdom

Delivery is free and sent by DHL on a tracked anytime next day service. Express production orders are sent tracked on a pre 10.30am next day service.

International Orders

We deliver to most EU countries (see below) and the cost is calculated at checkout. Orders are sent Delivery Duty Paid by FedEx on a tracked service which will take between 5-7 days.

International Countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Production - The time it takes us to print your order.

Standard Production - Free

We dispatch your order in a maximum of 6 working days.

For example, if you placed an order on Monday it would be dispatched on the following Monday. This is the maximum time it will take to dispatch your order and usually orders are dispatched quicker. If you have a deadline then please contact one of our team as we always try to help.

Express Production - £50.00

Orders place before 1pm will dispatched next day.

For example, if you placed your order on Monday before 1pm it would be dispatched on Tuesday.

Express Production is available on selected materials and print ready artwork must be provided at the time of placing the order. Click here to see our express production materials.

Specialist Materials - Free

For certain specialist materials the production time can be a slightly longer and it may take up to a maximum of 10 working days for your order to be dispatched.

You will be informed of this before you place your order.

Click here to see our specialist production materials.

Custom Production

We offer several custom production options including:

These options are only available by request so please call the Sticker Gizmo team on 0800 781 2481 or email us at [email protected]

Any delay in providing or signing off your artwork can delay your order and you can learn more about our design and artwork process by clicking on the Free Artwork & Design button.

Artwork and Design Service

At the time of placing your order you have the choice of uploading, emailing, or using our design service.

Artwork Requirements

If you are providing artwork, then please refer to our detailed help document which you can download here

It is especially important that your artwork is of good enough quality otherwise your labels or stickers may be compromised. If we feel your artwork needs improving, we will contact you before we print, and make any changes for free but this may delay your order.

Standard Production

You need to provide and approve your proof within 24 hours of placing your order. Any delay in doing this or if your artwork is not print ready may delay your order.

Express Production

Your print ready artwork must be supplied with your order before 1pm on the day of ordering. You will then receive a digital proof by email which must be signed off before 4pm.

Any delay in doing this or if your artwork is not print ready may delay your order.

Design Service £30.00 ex. VAT

Great design and print optimised artwork are the key to the perfect product!

We understand that creating your perfect design or optimising it for printing can be difficult and time consuming which is why we offer a low-cost design service for our customers.

We are a very human business so you can speak directly to one of our experienced graphic designers who can either create something from scratch or can help you bring your ideas to life.

To use our design service, first you need to place your order and then complete the design brief request.

Once you have completed and submitted this one of our designers will be in contact via email or phone to work with you to create your artwork.

Once you have approved your design your order will be printed and dispatched within a maximum of 6 working days. This is the maximum time it will take to dispatch your order and usually orders are dispatched quicker. If you have a deadline then please contact one of our team as we always try to help.

We do have a “fair Use” policy so reserve the right to charge for complex or multiple designs. In this instance we would provide a fixed fee quote for the design work and would refund your order in full if you decided not to proceed.

The design service is not available for Express Production orders.