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Bespoke Candle Labels for your Scented ProductsPrinted in the UK

Custom candle labels printed on cost-effective high-quality materials. Choose matte or gloss laminate to protect the labels from wax, oil, and chemicals, making them durable and long-lasting. Suitable for a variety of environments and have working temperatures from -20c to +80c.

Any shape or size with full eco-friendly five colour printing including white at no extra cost.

We print everything in-house, so we have complete control of quality and delivery ensuring you get the perfect result and an amazing customer experience.

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Why are Candle Labels Important?

The united kingdom has seen a huge growth in the scented candle market. With more and more self employed people starting up there own handmade candle businesses, its now as important as ever to have a memorable brand that suits your scented products. Well designed printed labels become a huge part of your candle brand and can make an almost instant impact on your sales.

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Creating a Effective Candle Label

When seeing a scented candle on the shelf or even in an online store, one of if not the first thing you look at is the label. This gives you a few seconds to attract a potential customer which is why having an amazing brand label is crucial. There are multiple parts to creating an effective candle label.

Logo and Business Name – This can normally be seen as the same thing as most brands include their company name as part of their logo. You want people to know that this candle is from your company. It will also become more powerful when adding it to new product lines as you will have consistency across your brand.

Scent – As scented candles all look fairly similar it’s important to clearly display the scent of the candle. This is normally displayed underneath the logo as it’s the next important factor that may interest a potential customer. Some brands decide to change small parts of the design to emphasize the different scents. This could involve changing the colour of the text/background or introducing a small image or icon thats related to the scent. These can all be simple but clever ways of ensuring all of your scented products don’t look too similar.

USP – A USP or ‘unique selling point’ is what sets your products apart from your competition. For a candle brand this could include that fact your products are natural, or contain a specific ingredient that sets them apart. It can be good idea to show multiple unique selling points as long as you don’t have design that’s too text heavy.

Weight – The last component of a candle label would be some text displaying the weight of the product and the burn time. Normally this is positioned towards the bottom of a design in smaller text.

Minimalist Design – A popular theme for modern candle labels is simplicity. Sometimes choosing the right fonts and embracing empty space can work magic on your candles. Sometimes a design can be overcomplicated which can have a negative effect on your brands appearance. At Sticker Gizmo we offer a design service where we can create the perfect designs for you. Our experienced designers are ready to work with you to create candle labels that are out of this world! Make sure you select the Desing Service option when placing a order.

Choosing the Right Material – Luckily, we have made this easy for you as we have selected the materials that work the best as candle labels. We offer 2 paper materials and 2 vinyl options for those who want extra durability. All materials are available with matte and gloss finish options. All of our labels are suitable for use on candles. You can view our full range of label materials here.

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What are CLP Candle Labels?

The CLP Regulation is a European Union regulation which stands for classification, labelling and packaging. Its standard practise to put a CLP label onto your candles and wax melts as they can contain a mixture of chemicals. The labels don’t just display text but also specific warning icons and statements. If you are selling your candles in the UK or EU then CLP labels are a legal requirement. Any hazardous materials mixed into your candles need to be clearly labelled for the customer. Luckily CLP labels have a standard layout and are easy for you or us to create! The section below goes into detail about what makes up a standard CLP warning label. Please note this may slightly differ depending on the product.

1. Product Name / Identifier - This would be the name of the product, fragrance or 6. Batch Number – Batch numbers are important as they can help as part of the manufacturing process but also become useful regarding quality. They can help you identify production issues as a batch number can change depending on the time, date and location.

2. Signal Word – This can change depending on the classification of the hazardous chemical found within your mixture. Examples are "Danger" for hazardous substances and "Warning" for those less hazardous

3. Hazard and Precautionary Statements – Different chemicals present different hazards therefore this section can differ from product to product. The text will include the specific hazards, the possible dangers and their severity. Precautionary statements will also be required. These are to help customers prevent or reduce the risk of damage to health or the environment.

4. Allergen Information – Any allergens that can be found in any elements of your product should be shown here. This area can be bold so its easy to spot.

5. Hazard Pictograms – These are simple warning icons used to represent specific hazards that could be caused by your product. Its crucial that the correct pictogram are used as each relates to its own hazard.

6. Batch Number – Batch numbers are important as they can help as part of the manufacturing process but also become useful regarding quality. They can help you identify production issues as a batch number can change depending on the time, date and location.

7. Supplier Address and Phone Number – CLP labels must contain these details for insurance and liability reasons. It’s also important that your customers can contact you should it be required.

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New standard production orders

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Minimum Order

Unlike most of our competitors we do not have a minimum order value.

However, depending on what you are ordering you will need to order a minimum quantity of labels or stickers per design and this amount will be shown when you get your price.

Volume Discounts

Our prices are extremely competitive regardless of the size of your order as we understand you don’t always need to order large quantities which helps reduce waste.

However, we offer extremely attractive volume discounts which will be shown when you get your price.

So, if you can, it is always better to order more less often to save money!

You can spread any order with the same specification over multiple designs allowing you to benefit from our generous volume discounts and making it quick and easy to place your order.

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For example, if you placed your order on Monday before 1pm it would be dispatched on Tuesday.

Express Production is available on selected materials and print ready artwork must be provided at the time of placing the order. Click here to see our express production materials.

Specialist Materials - Free

For certain specialist materials the production time can be a slightly longer and it may take up to a maximum of 10 working days for your order to be dispatched.

You will be informed of this before you place your order.

Click here to see our specialist production materials.

Custom Production

We offer several custom production options including:

These options are only available by request so please call the Sticker Gizmo team on 0800 781 2481 or email us at [email protected]

Any delay in providing or signing off your artwork can delay your order and you can learn more about our design and artwork process by clicking on the Free Artwork & Design button.

Artwork and Design Service

At the time of placing your order you have the choice of uploading, emailing, or using our design service.

Artwork Requirements

If you are providing artwork, then please refer to our detailed help document which you can download here

It is especially important that your artwork is of good enough quality otherwise your labels or stickers may be compromised. If we feel your artwork needs improving, we will contact you before we print, and make any changes for free but this may delay your order.

Standard Production

You need to provide and approve your proof within 24 hours of placing your order. Any delay in doing this or if your artwork is not print ready may delay your order.

Express Production

Your print ready artwork must be supplied with your order before 1pm on the day of ordering. You will then receive a digital proof by email which must be signed off before 4pm.

Any delay in doing this or if your artwork is not print ready may delay your order.

Design Service £30.00 ex. VAT

Great design and print optimised artwork are the key to the perfect product!

We understand that creating your perfect design or optimising it for printing can be difficult and time consuming which is why we offer a low-cost design service for our customers.

We are a very human business so you can speak directly to one of our experienced graphic designers who can either create something from scratch or can help you bring your ideas to life.

To use our design service, first you need to place your order and then complete the design brief request.

Once you have completed and submitted this one of our designers will be in contact via email or phone to work with you to create your artwork.

Once you have approved your design your order will be printed and dispatched within a maximum of 6 working days. This is the maximum time it will take to dispatch your order and usually orders are dispatched quicker. If you have a deadline then please contact one of our team as we always try to help.

We do have a “fair Use” policy so reserve the right to charge for complex or multiple designs. In this instance we would provide a fixed fee quote for the design work and would refund your order in full if you decided not to proceed.

The design service is not available for Express Production orders.