Specification & Recycling

Gloss White PP Vinyl
Supplied On
Suitable For Labelling Machines
Finish Options
Gloss Varnish, Gloss Laminate, Matte Laminate
Extra Permanent Certified to BS56009 For Marine Applications
Environmentally Friendly Toner
Full CMYK including white ink
Working Temperature
Application +0c
-20c to +70c
More Info
100% Waterproof, Suitable for Recycling

Robust waterproof vinyl with marine grade extra strong adhesive. Choice of gloss or matte laminate which protects the labels from contact with chemicals and provides UV protection. Designed for industrial or marine environments or when you need an extra robust label with strong adhesion

Any shape or size with full eco-friendly five colour printing including white at no extra cost.

We print everything in-house, so we have complete control of quality and delivery ensuring you get the perfect result and an amazing customer experience.

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