Free Design and Artwork Service

Great design and print ready artwork are the key to the perfect product!

We understand that creating your perfect design or optimising it for print can be difficult and time consuming, which is why we offer a free design service for our customers.

We are a very human business so you can speak directly to one of our experienced graphic designers who can either create something from scratch or can help you bring your ideas to life.

They can also advise what will work best on the final printed product; so what material to use, colours and size, making sure your design looks as good in real life as it does on the screen.

How it works…

Place Your Order

Before we can start on your design or make your artwork print ready you need to place your order. All you need to know to do this is the material you would like, the maximum width and height of the sticker or label and how many you want.

Design Process

If you have artwork…

Once we have your artwork (which can be uploaded when you place your order or emailed to us at we will prepare this for printing and send you a proof to sign off before we print. If this artwork needs optimising for print we will do this for you and will contact you if we require different files or need to make changes to your design.

If you don't have artwork…

One of our designers will be in contact via email or phone to work with you to create your artwork. Once this has been done you will get a proof to sign off before we print. If you have a template or design ideas you would like us to use then you can email these to us after you have placed your order at

How long will this take…

If your artwork doesn’t need any adjustments, then this will not delay your order as long as you sign off your proofs immediately.

If we need to make changes to your artwork or we are creating your design for you then this will add up to 3 days to our published delivery timescales.

You can view our delivery timescales here

IMPORTANT: If we advise you that your artwork is not optimise for printing, but you would still like to proceed then we will not refund or reprint your order.