What's the difference between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers?

Once peeled both die cut and kiss cut stickers are exactly the same. We use the same laser cutter and print on the same material. Both can be supplied in any shape and pretty much any size. So what are the main differences between the two?

Kiss Cut

Kiss cut stickers are individually supplied but have a square or rectangular backing.

The benefits of this are that the stickers are easier to peel and are harder too crease or damage before application. We can also print onto the white spaces around the stickers if required. The only draw back is that they don’t quite look as good as die cut stickers.

They are called kiss cut as the laser that cuts the stickers is only ‘kissing’ the material apposed to going all the way through both the label material and the backing paper.

Die Cut

Die cut stickers are individually supplied but are cut to the exact shape of the sticker design. The laser cuts all the way through the sticker itself and the backing paper.

The main benefit is that the stickers look more appealing before being peeled as there’s no square/rectangle border or empty space. The only drawback is that the stickers may be a tiny bit timely to peel. Our extra thick vinyl means peeling isn’t a huge issue.

What are they good for?

Both options are great for marketing stickers. They could display anything from your brands logo, text, images or even a QR code. They are very effective as freebies to be sent with your products to customers or to include in promotional goody bags. The possibilities for distribution are endless!

More Options

Both options come with either a matte or gloss laminate finish as standard. This means that the ink is protected from scratches and UV damage while also giving the stickers extra thickness.

Both die cut and kiss cut stickers can be ordered here.