Variable Data Printing

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing is a service we offer that involves taking data and creating unique labels with it. There are 2 main groups of data that we can work with. Simple text and barcode data. Text might be as simple as product titles, batch numbers or serial numbers. The more intricate type of variable data, and one of the most common is barcodes or QR codes.

Many of our customers have multiple products that are sold online or of a shelf which means they must have some form of barcode. We can take your barcode data (digits & letters) and follow an automated process which turns this text data into physical barcodes. This means we can print a roll of labels with each having its own unique barcode. We can create all of the most widely used barcodes. We can print barcodes on their own or we can impose them on your existing designs.

What do we need from you?

All we need from you is an excel file (.XLSX or .CSV) that contains the data in one column. If your design require multiple points of variable data then your excel file would need multiple columns. One for each set of data. If you don't have specific data then we can randomly generate data for you. If you also have a start and end point then we can also fill in the gaps so to speak. For example you may want 500 labels with sequential numbering from 001 to 500. This is easy for us to setup.

How much does this cost?

As variable data can vary on each order, each order has a bespoke fee. We work out the cost by the amount of unique labels (the amount of data being used) A setup fee would then be added to your order(s) so you have clarity over the extra costs involved. This also means its easy to look back at your previous orders and see what variable data you ordered – Making re-ordering easy! If you would like to get a quote please email your requirements to [email protected]