What are Custom Sticker Sheets?

These are sheets that contain multiple sticker designs. The designs can be any shape and size. The size of the sheet can also be changed so if you wanted a larger or smaller sheet, we can help!

Custom sticker sheets work well as gifts to your customers that can be sent with your products or as standalone products for you to sell. Many of our customers choose to have logo stickers, icons, characters and even QR code stickers.

How to order

The order process is treated slightly differently for custom sticker sheets. For a normal order (when single designs are printed on rolls or sheets) we ask customers to choose how many different designs there is. Multiple designs are then added to the order in chunks.

For custom sticker sheets each sheet is classed as a design. This means if you want to order a sheet with 10 designs on it, this counts as one design. If you wanted to add more sheets (with different designs/layout) then simply just add another design.

You can get a quote and order here.


Another area that is treated slightly differently is choosing the size. Normally the size you choose is the size the sticker(s) will be printed. For custom sticker sheets the size you choose is the size of the sticker sheet itself, not the stickers on it. The sheets can be any size up to 297x600mm. When choosing the quantity the same applies, the quantity is for the amount of sheets not stickers.


After choosing the material, finish, adhesive, sheet size and quantity, - It’s now time to sort out the designs. If your artwork is already imposed on the sheet with cutlines (print ready) then you can choose the ‘Upload Files Now’ option.

If you have all of your individual sticker designs then you need to select the ‘Email Artwork’ option. We can then impose the designs onto the desired sheet size and create the cutlines

If each sticker needs to be a specific size then please list these in the email or label each design file with the size. If you aren’t bothered by the exact sizes, then our experienced designers will layout the stickers in the best possible way.

We recommend proving your designs as vector formats such as .ai or .eps files. You can learn more about vector graphics in our ‘What is a Vector file?’ guide.

More Options

If required, we can print artwork on your sheets around the stickers. For example some customers choose to have contact details or logos at the bottom of their custom sticker sheet. This can be seen in the image at the top. There is no extra cost for doing this.

We laser cut stickers to shape in house so there are no extra costs involved in choosing custom shapes.